biomass pellets making machine

In recent years, with the rapid development trend of my country’s fuel pellet field, the field of biomass pellets making machines developed by pellet machine manufacturers has also developed rapidly.

The biomass fuel pellet machine can make the regenerated crop raw materials into fuel pellets through various technological processes, so as to achieve the actual effect of the reuse of waste crops. The biomass pellets making machine industry chain involves many social and economic industries.

It is not only an indispensable basic production stage for a large number of industries and agriculture, but also plays a key role in my country’s response to environmental pollution of waste crops, improving the reuse rate of waste crops, and establishing and improving crop recycling management.

For renewable fuel pellet enterprises, how to choose a biomass pellets making machine suitable for their own application is particularly important.

Because the working pressure of waste crop extrusion is different, it is impossible for one pellet machine to make all fuel pellets. The general biomass granulator can recycle and granulate waste crops in daily life.

Therefore, biomass pellets making machine manufacturers suggest that when purchasing equipment, you must pay attention to the type of raw material pellets you want to recycle, so that you can buy the same type of equipment.

In addition, when purchasing a fuel biomass pellet machine, you must also pay attention to the following aspects:

Determine the type of raw material, main purpose and working voltage that the biomass pellets making machine should produce and manufacture.

At this stage, there are about three types of customers who purchase biomass pellets making machines in the sales market. They are private enterprises that are individually or individually established, fuel pellet manufacturers that purchase equipment to deal with raw materials at their own processing plants, agents and trading shops.

For customers who are self-employed by individuals or private enterprises, when purchasing a pellet machine, it is necessary to clarify the types of raw materials produced by the company.

The general-purpose biomass pellets making machine only recycles the type of raw material that suits you, which is also the common fuel pellet raw material on the market. If there are special fuel pellets to establish sales channels, customers can also purchase the corresponding biomass fuel pellet machines.

1.RICHI biomass pellet mill for sale

biomass pellets making machine

The biomass pellets making machine solves the problem of difficult disposal of straw and wood chips. Save a lot of energy. Reduced environmental pollution. It is an environmentally friendly mechanical equipment.

(1) Improve the quality of life. Improve rural environmental conditions.

Sawdust fuel has lower sulfur and ash content than coal and lower combustion temperature, which can replace coal. Improve people’s indoor hygiene, reduce the stacking and transportation of ash in the village, and indirectly beautify the appearance of the village.

(2) Reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Clean the atmosphere.

During the cycle from biomass pellet production to combustion utilization. The net increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is zero.

(3) Reduce the economic burden of farmers and help farmers increase their employment income.

Increasing farmers’ consumption of wood pellets can reduce coal purchases. Thereby reducing cash outlay; the collection and supply of sawdust can create many new jobs and bring benefits to people.

(4) Improve the utilization rate of energy and ensure the supply of renewable energy.

Coal can be used for large-capacity units to generate electricity or for other purposes. The emergence of fuel pellets can not only ease the tight coal supply situation. It can also avoid waste caused by inefficient use of coal in rural areas.

(5) Conducive to the realization of sustainable development.

Sawdust fuel is biomass fuel. is renewable energy. Sustainable development, while oil, natural gas, and coal are non-renewable energy sources.

Therefore, customers who want to invest in biomass pellets making machines need not worry too much. It can not only create wealth, but also an environmental protection device that benefits the country and the people.

Biomass pellets making machine equipment is not only a need for rural development. It is also the fundamental need to reduce carbon dioxide and other gas emissions, protect the environment, and implement sustainable development strategies.

2.The sufficient raw materials for biomass pellets making machine

The raw materials required by the biomass pellets making machine are sufficient.

The biomass pellets making machines are mainly aimed at waste wood chips and straw, and these two types of materials are also the most produced in our country and need to be dealt with the most, construction waste, domestic waste, and furniture industry all the time.

A large amount of waste wood, if these waste wood are directly discarded, will pollute the environment and waste renewable resources. There is also straw.

A large amount of straw is produced every autumn. In the past, ordinary people directly burned the straw, which not only wastes resources, but also greatly pollutes the environment. The disposal of crop straw is also a national and local government.

In this case, a machine that can process wood chips and straw to turn waste into treasure is particularly important, and the importance of biomass pellets making machines, wood pellet machines and straw pellet machines at this time becomes apparent.

RICHI MACHINERY has been established for more than 25 years, specializing in biomass pellet mill for sale, the development and production of single/complete pellet production lines such as animal feed, biomass fuel, wood waste, grass, straw, organic fertilizer, etc., and provide design and services for EPC/Turnkey projects!

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