Chicken feed manufacturing plant is mainly used to produce various kinds of chicken feed pellets, such as baby chicken feed pellets, laying chicken feed pellets, hens feed pellets, and broiler feed pellets. The working process is mainly precleaning, crushing, mixing, pelletizing, cooling, screening and packing.

chicken feed macnufacturing plant

The equipment of the precleaning section is drum type precleaner, powder sieve, and permanent magnet sleeve. This section is to remove impurities such as rope, paper, stones, and iron filings mixed in the raw materials. After being cleaned, the raw materials are sent to the precrushing bin by the bucket elevator. Then, raw materials enter the feed grinder machine. The feed grinder machine is crushing the raw materials into powder which is convenient for the subsequent procedures. After that, the powder is transmitted to the feed mixer machine. The feed mixer machine is for the distribution evenly of raw materials and other additives. Then all the materials enter the chicken feed pellet machine. The chicken feed pellet machine is a vital machine in the production of feed pellets. In pelletizing section, the materials, through conditioning, enter the pelletizing chamber. In the chamber, the powder is strongly squeezed by the ring die and the pressure roller to form pellets. To make the pellets save longer, they are transmitted to the counterflow cooler to adjust the temperature. After cooling, the pellets can be packed.

In using the chicken feed pellet machine, you should be attention to the following tips.

  • Chicken feed pellet machine for sale and also its upper magnet is needed to be regularly cleaned. If you do not clean, the iron in the feed inlet may enter the ring die of the chicken feed pellet machine, which affects the normal working of the equipment.
  • The wear solution of the ring die and pressure roller should be checked at set intervals. The wear of the pressure roller may affect the production capacity, which would influence the quality of pellets.
  • Checking the cutter of the chicken feed pellet machine. The cutter is worn too blunt, which would decrease the forming rate of the feed pellets.
  • When changing raw materials, the cone bucket above the chicken feed pellet machine and the finished product bin should be completely emptied to prevent mixing.
  • You can extend the conditioning time. This can increase starch pasting and reduce the production of harmful microorganisms. It also can improve production efficiency and pellet quality.

Animals need to eat nutritionally balanced feed for a long time to get benefits, which are closely related to the operation of animal feed equipment. How can a chicken feed pellet machine be more durable? You need to pay attention to the following points.

  • Do a good job in the test run before the formal production. Before using the new pressed film, the hole of the ring die should be checked to whether it is smooth and vertical and whether the hole inlet is correct and smooth. After the heat treatment of the ring die, it should be checked whether the die hole is polished or not, and whether the finish of the die hole is enough or not.
  • Reasonably master the load of the chicken feed pellet machine. The load degree of the animal feed equipment has a great impact on the output and quality of the feed pellets.
  • The moisture content of materials should be controlled. If the moisture content of the material is appropriate, the output and quality of the chicken feed pellet machine can be improved. For the safe storage and transportation of granular materials, the moisture content should be well controlled.

Thus, before the chicken feed pellet machine is formally put into use, the above points must be carefully checked. In the whole chicken feed manufacturing plant, inspection and maintenance of the equipment are required before production to ensure the quality of the pellets.

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