1. Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil primarily contains vitamin An as well as vitamin D. It has the features of reinforcing the body, improving the quality of eggshell and enhancing the resistance to chilly. The correct amount of cod liver oil can enhance the body problem of chickens.

When utilizing it, it is recommended to pick oil or water, because it is less complicated to utilize it along with various other active ingredients.

2. Calcium

Supplementing chickens with the correct amount of calcium can decrease the opportunity of producing soft-shelled eggs. If a chicken lacks calcium it may create toe jerking that will endanger its life.

3. Iodine

What Additives Can Be Added In Chicken Feed Ingredients For Layers

Iodine supplements can enhance the capability to withstand chilly and also keep cozy. Iodized salt can be offered in the very same dose as normal salt; or kelp can be added to the feed at a price of 2% -6% of the diet regimen.

4. Iron

Iron shortage in chickens can bring about reduced resistance to chilly and also concern of cool. It is extremely important to supplement laying chickens with iron, the amount needed is 35 to 45 mg per kg of diet.

5. Vitamins

Vitamin C has anti-infection, cleansing and also anti-stress effects, which can improve the resistance of chickens to low to modest illness, prevent transmittable diseases as well as enhance egg production price. Including 5 grams of vitamin C per 100 kg of chicken feed can reduce feed usage and increase egg production rate.

Deficiency of vitamin E will certainly result in a reduction in ovarian efficiency and egg manufacturing of chickens.

Vitamin E is usually included at 10 mg per kg of diet, and the dose requires to be enhanced by 2-6 times in very early spring to boost resistance and egg production rate.

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