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(1) After the wood pellet mill produces pellets, it is found that the surface of the pellets is uneven and even there are many excess wounds on the pellets. This problem shows that there is a problem with the blades inside the sawdust pellet machine. If the blades are intact, the surface of the pellets produced is very smooth. And they are almost equal in size.

(2) The surface of sawdust pellets is too smooth, which is also a problem, which can indicate that the mechanical hard object is too high, the compression of the ring die is relatively small, and the compression hole should be enlarged. (Related post: wood pellet mill for sale

This phenomenon is relatively rare, and it is rarely encountered. However, it should be avoided as much as possible during early construction. The first thing to do is to check the raw materials before construction to see if there are any hard objects. This is very important.

(3) When the moisture content of sawdust ellets is too high, the machine is often blocked, so we try to carry out construction after testing the moisture content of the pellets. When the construction is carried out, it will increase the load on the machinery and affect the normal operation of the wood pellet mill.

(4) Cracks occur in the machinery itself of the sawdust wood pellet mill. This phenomenon is very obvious. Generally, such a failure of the pellet machine will be heard from the sound.

The wood pellet mill makes a loud noise during operation, or there are many Noise, this phenomenon means that there is a fault, so we must stop the operation for inspection. After the wood pellet making machine is put into use, we often encounter problems with the quality of the machine itself.

Most of the reasons are due to the long-term use of the customer. Caused, so we must pay attention to this when running the wood biomass pellet press machine.

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1. How to increase production and be efficient?

Four great tricks for your wood pellet mill machine to increase production and be efficient!

The wood pellet mill is difficult to discharge, not smooth, or even powder, which makes people very headache. It is like a person’s constipation. No more constipation:

(1) The pressing roller in the wood pellet mill is an important part in the compression chamber. It needs constant rotation to make the material extruded from the die hole under the action of rolling. However, when the pressure roller is loose, the gap between the pressure roller and the mold will become larger, and the pressure will be reduced, so naturally the material cannot be discharged smoothly.

(2) The motor of the wood pellet mill needs a certain voltage to work normally. If the voltage is too low, even if the motor can rotate the power generated by it, it will not be enough to quickly extrude the material in the compression chamber. At this time, a large amount of material will be blocked in the compression chamber, affecting production.

(3) During the production process of the biomass wood pellet maker machine, due to the slow speed of extruding the material or the blockage of the die hole, it may cause the straw pellet machine to extrude the material obstacle. In this way, a large amount of material is blocked in the compression cavity, making the sawdust wood pellet mills machine can’t stop.

When the main bearing of the wood pelleting machine is damaged, the pressing parts in it will not be able to work, and a large amount of material cannot be discharged in the compression chamber and will be blocked in it.

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2. The output of fuel pellet mill machine is affected by those factors

wood pellet mill for sale

The same fuel wood pellet mill has different output, why? The biomass new energy industry is developing rapidly, and the fuel pellet machine has been familiar to more and more people. There are also many people who judge the situation and seize the opportunity of this industry to engage in the production of wood pellets.

Of course, the quality and standard of the fuel pellet machines produced by different manufacturers are also different. Often, many customers bring materials to the manufacturer to test the machine with high output, but if they buy the equipment back and produce it themselves, the output will be too low. So the question is, the same equipment has different output, why?

Factors affecting the output of the fuel pellet mill machine include:

(1) The grinding of the new mold of the wood pellet mill is very important. The new mold has a certain running-in period and needs to be ground with oil. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of wood chips should be controlled between 10-15%. Adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the mold to make it in the best state. After adjusting the pressure roller, the fixing bolts must be screwed tightly.

(2) The size and moisture content of the material. The size of the material that the fuel wood pellet mill can achieve uniform discharge must be smaller than the diameter of the particle, the diameter of the particle is 6-8 mm, the size of the material should be smaller than it, and the moisture of the raw material must be between 10-15%, too much or too little moisture will affect particle yield.

(3) Select the appropriate compression ratio of the fuel wood pelletizing machine mold. Different materials correspond to the compression ratio of different molds. The compression ratio can be determined when the manufacturer is testing the wood pellet mill. The key problem is that you should not easily replace the material after you buy the equipment.

If the material is replaced, the compression ratio will change, and the corresponding mold will need to be replaced. Discharge is sometimes out, sometimes out, which may be related to the aging degree of the machine mold, which needs to be replaced with the appropriate mold in time. (Related post: biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia

The output of the model is different, and the life of the mold is also different. Taking the 550 type wood pellet mill machine as an example, its die life is about 1000 hours.

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